Usopp likes when Brook performs tunes, particularly Binks’ Purpose

Usopp likes when Brook performs tunes, particularly Binks’ Purpose

While the she’ll with other crewmates, Nami usually kiss to Brook whenever the woman is frightened (much to Brook’s delight). Nami trusts Brook to she trusts with the rest of their crew. She as well as possess playing their sounds. She has also been impressed which he been able to copy Large Mom’s Poneglyphs, hugging him and congratulating him getting their triumph in the event she banged your when he asked to see the lady panties since a reward. [25]

Nami could be extremely rude and you can brief-tempered that have Brook at times, albeit the fresh new bones will offers her reasons to end up being upset at your due to his comical and you may perverted character. That it frequently leads to Nami hitting him along side head.


Usopp is of course frightened of Brook as he first searched to the brand new team and you can attempted to ward him out of that have an effective crucifix, getting contrary to the concept of Brook signing up for the brand new crew even with mastering he had been innocuous. Usopp at that time stated „I would not be capable sleep with a skeleton perambulating”. Merely shortly after reading on Brook’s connection with Laboon and you can further competition from the Thriller Bark, performed Usopp ultimately trust the fresh music skeleton, taking Brook just like the an effective crewmate.

Usopp, such as the remaining portion of the crew (except Luffy), finds out Brook’s head humor annoying, especially when he or she is amazing eg Brook seeking to heal themselves that have whole milk, proclaiming that calcium supplements can not work you to fast. After the time-forget about, Usopp accepted to get envious out of Brook’s the fresh ability to stage courtesy wall space, mentioning the perversion prospective. But not, Usopp was furious that have Brook whenever Brook unwittingly made an enthusiastic insensitive joke from the Arlong during their first find which have Hody Jones, because the Usopp knows the new mental problems Arlong caused Nami previously, things Brook was unacquainted with. [26]


Sanji are among the first people in the fresh new crew so you can satisfy Brook. He was surprised to see a strolling and you can speaking bones, and you will questioned Brook about how exactly he came into this world. Sanji wouldn’t understand why Brook checked thus constantly hopeful, informing the skeleton you to their lifetime is actually gloomy, nevertheless the bones laughed him off. Immediately after Sanji finds out about Brook’s exposure to Laboon, Sanji registered the remainder staff within the supporting Luffy’s decision to recruit him into the crew. Sanji still gets agitated within Brook’s teenage personality traits, including his burping and you can farting throughout the dinner, and also by his lame 'skull jokes’. The guy as well as immediately following threatened so you’re able to assault Brook if latter chuckled within similarity ranging from Duval and Sanji’s basic, hand-pulled desired poster. [27]

not, Sanji provides extensive parallels towards the united nations-dead artist. Both don provides and you will behave like gentlemen and you may fawn more than Nami and you will Robin, making them new „pervert duo” of your Straw Hats. Because they would battle more than Nami and you may Robin’s love, the newest make and also the bones are perfect relatives and you may was indeed each other (along with Kin’emon) most envious out of Momonosuke’s „extra attention” on ladies. Brook seems up to Sanji and you can was in wonder if the cook struggled Doflamingo and was even happy to support your whenever Sanji was at problems, however, Sanji rather respected Brook to take care of Momonosuke, Nami, and you may Chopper. Brook was most disheartened along the consequence of occurrences during the Zou, and you can insisted into joining Luffy on Sanji Retrieval Cluster as the he sensed guilty of Sanji’s take. Such Robin, Brook are aware of this new Vinsmokes rather than think Sanji do be connected to help you eg an infamous friends. As well as the anybody else, Brook demonstrated higher shock one to Sanji refused Pudding.

Sanji seemingly have a number of have confidence in Brook’s strength as he just after trusted Nami’s safety towards the bones while he went on to explore Claw Area. Brook has also been truly the only crewmate Sanji requested to compliment your when he suffered with Pekoms and you may Capone Bege.