It is possible to delete these location markers by hand, however it’s a painstaking process as you need to pick them individually, until you like to delete your kept task.

You can observe the saved location markers on a web page eHarmony sign in in your .google , although they’re typically spread under a few various headers, lots of which are unrelated to location.

To sexactly how how effective these other markers could be, the AP created a artistic map for the motions of Princeton postdoctoral researcher Gunes Acar, whom carried A android phone with Location history down, and shared an archive of his Bing account.

The map includes Acar’s train commute on two trips to nyc and visits towards the High Line park, Chelsea marketplace, Hell’s Kitchen, Central Park and Harlem. The AP didn’t plot the most telling and frequent marker — his home address to protect his privacy.

Huge technology businesses are under increasing scrutiny over their information techniques, after a number of privacy scandals at Facebook and data-privacy that is new recently used by europe. A year ago, the company news web site Quartz discovered that Bing had been monitoring Android users by gathering the details of nearby cellphone towers whether or not all location services had been down. Google changed the training and insisted it never recorded the information anyway.

Experts state Google’s insistence on monitoring its users’ locations stems from the drive to improve marketing income.

“They build marketing information away from data,” said Peter Lenz, the senior geospatial analyst at Dstillery, an advertising technology company that is rival. “More information for them presumably means more revenue.”