Miley Cyrus’ curiosity about girls hasn’t been an information: a timeline of the girl straight and bisexual affairs

Back in 2009, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth famously satisfied as young adults on pair of the romance movies “The Last Song.” Exactly what unfolded from there ended up being a real-life love, one even more tumultuous and consuming than something Nicholas Sparks features ever composed.

Although development of Miley’s rebound relationship with Kaitlynn accommodate have caught numerous by wonder, Miley is definitely available about the woman interest in people. In fact, she was released as queer years back, probably earlier turned into mainstream to verify this type of records. Here in 2019, a-listers are very open regarding their sexual fluidity: Julianne Hough not too long ago said she actually is “not straight”; Paris Jackson, Tessa Thompson and Lauren Jauregui have likewise talked candidly on the subject. (więcej…)